The 112th Canton Fair
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The 112th China Import and Export Fair


Phase 1: Oct. 15-19, 2012

Vehicles & Spare Parts

· Bicycles: Bicycles, Electric Bicycles, Electric Scooters

· Bicycle Parts


· Motorcycles, Beach Cars

· Motorcycle Parts

 Vehicle Spare Parts

· Vehicle Spare Parts: Engines & Spare Parts, cooling, Lubricants & Fuel Supply Spare Parts, Transmission Parts, Steering & Brake Parts, Vehicle Dashboard & Parts, Auto Electric Equipment and Parts

· Tires

· Vehicle Spare Parts & Optimization Equipment

· Maintenance & Related Products

· Vehicle Decorations

 Vehicles (Outdoor)

· Non-construction Vehicles: Cars, Coaches, Off-road Vehicles, Chassis, Trailers, Insulated Vans, Freezer Cars, Fuel Tankers, Buses, Ambulances, Fire Engines, Water Carts, Tool Carts, Aircraft Tractors, Special Vehicles of Airport, Trolley Buses & Equipment, Golf Trolleys, All-Terrain Vehicles, Armor Cash Carriers, Vans, Freight Cars, Dumpcarts.